Curtain Glass

The building is equipped with a double glazed curtain wall system for additional energy and efficient cooling complimented by a combination of a polished red granite exterior wall and composite cladding.


Spacious lobbies finished in two shades of imported granite from Italy.


Eleven (11) high-speed elevators (top speed of 7 meters/second)


Advanced communication wiring system, direct fiber optic links from PLDT and Globe Telecom


Ten levels of parking, five (5) levels of basement parking and five (5) levels of upper parking are located above the main lobby

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CAA regulation conforming helipad on roofdeck

Building Management System

Computer-assisted building management system monitors and controls the building's air handling, ventilation, lighting, power distribution, security, tenant metering, alarm and fire management systems.

Security System

CCTV cameras and monitors with roving security guard patrol system and lobby security desk are provided to ensure safety of tenants.

Fire Protection

Comprehensive fire protection, sprinkler and fire alarm and life safety systems.

Standby Power Generator

100% uninterrupted power supply, 4 generators with automatic transfer system